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Industry’s most versatile online product information management software that provides the means to manage rich product marketing content in ONE central repository. CatalogStudio is a powerful web-based Product Information Management Software with loaded with features to help enterprise customers to manage catalog taxonomy, product specifications, descriptions, images, prices, customer specific data and much more; and publish product content to multiple marketing channels from a single SOURCE repository.

CatalogStudio system is a key component of Questudio’s Digital Commerce Solutions that includes Product Information Management, Catalog Automation, eCommerce Websites, Mobile Apps, Dealer Portals, feeds to Market Exchanges such as eBay, Amazon, and ERP/CRM/Accounting integrations. CatalogStudio can be hosted anywhere, which gives customers ultimate control of managing and hosting the application in their network or on a cloud environment. Click here to view our one-page brochure.

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Flexible Product Hierarchy

CatalogStudio supports management of multiple catalogs each with its own hierarchy with unlimited levels and variable number of attributes associated with families, products and sub-products.

Global Attribute Manager

Manage all your attributes at a global level and map them to various levels of the catalog hierarchy including categories, product families, products and sub-products.

Central Repository

Store and manage all your product information in a Central Repository and publish to Print, PDF, Web, Mobile, Amazon, eBay and other marketing channels.


Integrate your ERP, CRM and Accounting Systems with CatalogStudio for easy flow of information with a centralized product information management repository.

PDF Catalogs

Using built-in templates, generate “On-Demand” PDF catalogs using dynamic data managed in CatalogStudio. These PDF catalogs can also be generated on your web site by your customers.

Adobe InDesign CC

Publish your catalogs in Adobe InDesign CC using Questudio's proprietary InStudio plugin. Use either InDesign templates or custom page designs for creating fine InDesign catalogs.


CatalogStudio makes it possible to have a single SOURCE for all your product marketing content from which you can efficiently publish to multiple marketing channels that can help increase your revenue and market reach.

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From the initial contact until final implementation, our process caters to ensuring that your requirements are clearly understood and CatalogStudio is configured to achieve optimal automation.