InStudio Plugin for Adobe InDesign Publishing

Questudio’s InStudio plugin for Adobe InDesign automates product catalog creation, reducing time and resources needed to publish. Compatible with both Windows and Mac, InStudio is a true InDesign plugin system that enables publishing of catalog pages with content flowing from CatalogStudio repository.

  • Ability to drag & drop data from CatalogStudio to InDesign pages
  • Automatically control and apply fonts, colors, styles to the content
  • Creates regular and complex pivot tables, and applies styles to tables as defined
  • Contains Autoflow page creation to generate hundreds of pages promptly
  • Updates latest data from CatalogStudio to InDesign pages with a few clicks
  • Custom catalogs and smaller catalogs, updated with page layouts kept intact
  • Bi-directional updates transfers content between CatalogStudio and InDesign

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InStudio Plugin for Adobe InDesign Publishing.

  • Sync CatalogStudio PIM to Adobe InDesign
  • XML based content flow to InDesign pages
  • Bi-Directional updates with CatalogStudio
  • Supports Adobe InDesign Creative Cloud
  • Plug-in available for both Windows and Mac
  • Quickly generate hundreds of catalog pages
  • Easily create custom flyers & catalog pages
  • Seamless integration in InDesign
  • Manage content in CatalogStudio PIM
  • Effortlessly replace images


  • Online Demo and Presentation
  • Custom Template for Adobe InDesign
  • Custom Libraries based on requirement
  • Setup, maintenance, and support
  • Optionally re-design your custom catalog


Sample Product Catalog Pages