Product Content Management – A solution to manage your data efficiently

The process of data normalization involves reducing data to its canonical form i.e. standard form of expressing all the data available. Often, especially in software security, malicious input can be entered that could make the whole database vulnerable. This issue can be mitigated with normalized input that ensures that encoding is eliminated and input data is converted into a common character set.

One can be totally assured that the online interfaces like Questudio’s Online Catalog Software – WebCat is made free of any sort of malicious activity.

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Ways to create a single up-to-date repository of product information

Omni-channel commerce thrives on product data and more so on organized and cleansed product information. Inefficient sales processes, falling sales revenues and poor brand image are some of the effects of maintaining poor data quality. It becomes difficult for organizations to maintain single up-to-date repository of product information with the help of product content management.

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B2B Catalog Creation Software – An Overview

B2B customer needs are changing at a fast pace. They expect a highly efficient B2C-like experience when they make a purchase – whether they engage with retailer’s online, offline or on their mobiles. Thus the catalogs catering to the B2B customers need to evolve accordingly.

Questudio’s CatalogStudio is powerful software to create full line and specialty catalogs. It consists of several modules providing the features needed to create, manage and maintain all product information in one central repository. Its functionality also includes PDF catalog publishing and content management. One can create both print catalogs and web catalogs with equal ease.

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