Tips to Enhance Omni-channel Marketing

Over the past decade, we have moved from brick and mortar stores being the primary point of sale, to the Web and now, with the spurt in mobile devices users have multiple ways to engage with a business. To be able to benefit from the shift, as an organization you have to offer solutions that enable multiple modes of engagement for your customer. Customers no longer only expect such a unified approach to sales but demand it. Over the past year or so, more and more retailers who primarily offered online stores are augmenting it with brick and mortar stores.Read more

Create a Personalized eCommerce Experience for Customers

As the digital world expands, it’s vital for eCommerce stores to keep up with the newest trends and techniques. Customers today seek a personalized eCommerce experience during each visit to your store. This shifts the goal of eCommerce stores from a company-centric experience to a primarily customer-centric experience. In other words: it’s all about the customer. Each time someone visits your online store, they should feel like the site was built specifically for them. It should cater to the individual, rather than the group.

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5 Trends of eCommerce Websites

The online retail industry is growing at a rapid pace, with no signs of slowing down. 2015 has seen bigger growth than ever before. eCommerce matures daily as innovation and technological improvements evolve.  To ensure success in today’s online retail landscape, keeping up with industry trends is no longer a competitive advantage, it’s an absolute necessity.

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Mobile Commerce is a Revolutionary Tool

Mobile devices are becoming more and more of an essential tool for brand marketers, so much so that mobile commerce has become just as powerful as eCommerce. With more mobile devices in the world than people, consumers now expect their smart phone experience to be as seamless as their web, and even their in-store experience. Thus, retailers must work even harder to keep their customers happy on all platforms.
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