Print Catalogs are Coming Back in Style

The world of print has been slowly declining in popularity since the digital age erupted. After the recession in 2008, many retailers dropped print catalogs from their budgets due to the major rise in online sales. The years following saw a continuous decline, with 2012 recording the lowest number of mailings since 2001. However, in the current landscape of multichannel marketing, it is the perfect time to bring them back.

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ERP Integration Best Practices

ERP as a system is used to automate business processes to increase efficiency and visibility. However, ERP integration with other enterprise system has been a major struggle in companies.

Integrating isolated applications and providing a united application architecture is the key to implement ERP integration. Questudio analyses customer environments and requirements, and proposes multiple options. Questudio’s integration services bring in extensive experience along with tool-kits to bear in all the integration projects dealings.

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Ways to create a single up-to-date repository of product information

Omni-channel commerce thrives on product data and more so on organized and cleansed product information. Inefficient sales processes, falling sales revenues and poor brand image are some of the effects of maintaining poor data quality. It becomes difficult for organizations to maintain single up-to-date repository of product information with the help of product content management.

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