How Can Product Content Management Help With Marketing?

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A company’s sales and marketing collateral depends on relevant, up-to-date, and efficient product content. Yet, organizing and monitoring all your product information is not an easy task, especially if you have a vast product catalog. Usually synonymous with PIM, product content management is an optimal solution that can help improve your marketing and branding. A product content management system is a multichannel marketing tool that allows retailers to gather, create, and enrich consistent product content in a single system.

The objective of product content management is to deliver information quickly, synchronously, and accurately, to reduce inefficiencies in the marketing supply chain. So how can product content management help with marketing exactly? Here are a few key aspects of PCM that make it a multichannel marketer’s best friend.

  • The ability to consolidate all product data related to marketing in a single repository for instant access anytime and anywhere allows for better overall efficiency.
  • All media, including product descriptions, attributes (color, material, size, etc), high-resolution images, and video no longer have to be duplicated. This reduces time and effort spent manually inputting information.
  • Effortlessly maintain information in compliance with current branding by working with templates that update automatically with the latest content.
  • The ability to share the most up-to-date product data between online and offline channels easily and efficiently.
  • Create new media assets by conveniently linking product content with images and copy.
  • Manage, add, and serve all markets in various languages with multilingual communication capabilities.

Product content management provides you with an all-encompassing solution that concentrates your marketing activities in one universal platform.

It makes adapting, handling, producing, and distributing marketing content effortless and efficient and saves your business time and money. Consistent, relevant, and up-to-date product content is essential for successful marketing, and with a PCM system, your entire process will be powerful, productive, and profitable.

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