ContentStudio – Free Product Information Management Software Launched

Questudio launched ContentStudio on August 1, 2017. ContentStudio is a FREE Product Information Management Software, which customers can use by only paying a LOW fee for setup. Customers can upgrade to the full-functional software for an Easily Affordable Fee. This software is most suitable for Small Businesses. Customers can choose from the various plan options. ContentStudio also comes with two Web plans – Business and Premium.

CatalogStudio – Now Available in SaaS-Based Modules

The legendary Product Information Management software CatalogStudio from Questudio is now available in SaaS-Based Modules to help SMEs take advantage of managing their content in a Central Repository at affordable pricing. You can chose from a wide range of options and access the information from anywhere now. Please contact us at  to understand more about the pricing structure and plans that are available.

You can manage your product information like hierarchy, attributes, images, on the cloud.

API for Magento

Questudio now has APIs to integrate CatalogStudio with Magento websites(API for Magento). This is great news for customers who now want to have the flexibility of using platforms of their choice.