CatalogStudio 10.6.2.


Questudio released the 10.6.2 version of CatalogStudio in May 2019. The version has improved table designer, picklist export & generic import features are some of the listed features.

CatalogStudio – Version 10.6

Questudio is pleased to announce release of CatalogStudio version 10.6 from our Product Management suite in Dec 2018. The new release will come loaded with features such as Attribute Grouping, Custom Attributes, Backup & Restore, PDFxPress, Advance Edit options, Export & Import Table Designer, and Asset Management.

InStudio – Plugin Released for Adobe InDesign CC 2018 for both Mac and Windows

Questudio recently launched InStudio plugins for Adobe InDesign CC 2018 compatible for both Mac and Windows. Customers are requested to take advantage of this new release and upgrade their systems to the latest release of Adobe InDesign CC as needed. The power of Adobe InDesign and Questudio’s Product Information Management software is a winning combination for companies to plan their marketing strategies.