Hari Ramamurthy

Hari Ramamurthy, President

Hari Ramamurthy, President & CEO of Questudio Inc., has over 30 years of professional experience in the Information Technology industry with an emphasis on client/server and distributed computing areas.
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Brandon Barr

Brandon Barr, Marketing Director

Brandon has over 25 years of online marketing experience with an emphasis on helping businesses create dynamic and engaging marketing campaigns targeted to clients specific audience.

Ajeet Ryatt

Ajeet Ryatt — Digital Marketing Consultant

Ajeet joined Questudio in 2020 in Business Development and Marketing. Following graduation in 2009 at James Madison University, Ajeet worked in the pharmaceutical industry in biotech…
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PJ – Business Development

PJ joined Questudio in 2020 and takes care of the business development activities in the APAC region. He brings to the table more than 5 years of experience working with International customers.
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Prasanna Kandeepan

Prasanna Kandeepan – Business Strategy

Prasanna Kandeepan holds an MBA degree from P.S.G. Institute of Management, a Foreign Trade Diploma from Dr. G.R.D College of Science, and a Corporate Secretaryship…
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George Fernandes

George Fernandes, Customer Services

George joined Questudio in April 2007. He holds a Bachelor’s degree from Karunya Institute of Technology, Coimbatore, India. Before joining Questudio, George worked as…
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Richard M Joseph, Director of Operations – India

Richard M Joseph has been part of Questudio since April 2007 and holds a Master’s Degree along with program certifications in Human Resource Management…
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Balaji J

Balaji J, Research & Development

Balaji J holds an Applied Science degree from Coimbatore Institute of Technology and a System Design Diploma from National Institute of Information Technology….
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