Product Information Management

Product Information Management

Many businesses face the challenge of rich product content existing in an unstructured, non-digital form. Content may exist in 4-5 locations and be difficult to use to create new product collateral. Are you looking for a single source of truth for your product content?
Our content services team can help.

  • Normalize and prepare your product data from existing PDF’s, Excel, Word files, etc.
  • Set-up accurate product information in a central database repository
  • Multi-lingual data support
  • JumpStart program takes your new Product Information Management data and publishes your initial catalogs using
  • Adobe InDesign or our PDFxPress tool
Adobe InDesign Catalog

Our team of professional catalog designers create InDesign catalog files based on your specific requirements and template preferences. We follow a strict workflow process of design, quality control, draft deliveries and final approval by customer of each section designed. Your InDesign catalog will be ready to go to market very fast!

PDFxPress Catalogs

PDFxPress is a publishing tool integrated into CatalogStudio to produce print catalogs using a template design. We design templates based on your samples or new requirements and can quickly generate hundreds of pages within minutes. This process reduces time by as much as 90% to produce print-ready catalogs.

Whichever PDF tool we use, you’ll be fully involved throughout the project to ensure all deliverables meet your exact requirements.Our Turnkey approach turns your challenge into an opportunity to create one source of truth for all your product content. Our customers have found this to be a great return on investment.

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