Automated PDF Publishing

Accelerate page design with InStudio, Questudio’s robust plug-in for Adobe InDesign. Drag and drop text, pictures, tables and product comparison charts from your content database right to our pages.

Print Publishing

Customers face tight deadlines to publish their catalogs. When data is converted and loaded into the CatalogStudio system, the JumpStart program is used to publish an initial catalog to print media using Adobe InDesign or PDFxPress tool, minimizing time between ideas and print media without the extensive labor involved.


When customers need creative looking catalogs, Adobe InDesign is used to produce print-ready files. A team of professional catalog designers and quality control analysts are assigned to the project to design print-ready catalog files based on your design requirements using master templates. Our team follows a strict workflow process of design, verification, quality control, delivery and approval by customer of each section designed. You’ll be fully involved throughout the project on a regular basis to ensure all deliverables meet customer requirements.


PDFxPress is a pdf publishing tool developed by Questudio to produce print catalogs using a template design. Using this tool, hundreds of catalog pages are generated within minutes and delivered to customer for printing. A team of technical engineers load the data from excel spreadsheets provided by you, design templates based on the sample and quickly generate hundreds of pages within a few days. This process is efficient and reduces time by 90% to produce print-ready catalogs.