Multichannel Marketing

Manage product information and create product catalogs, sales collateral, and custom eCommerce web catalogs to market across all available channels.

More methods reaching consumers equates to more publicity and more sales. It can be expensive and time-consuming to try and put together an in-house program to collect product information and then design and produce product catalogs, literature, and flyers. It also requires dedicated monetary, personnel, and temporal resources to create and maintain simple or complex eCommerce websites.

Questudio can help your business manage product information and help create product catalogs, sales collateral, and simple or complex eCommerce web sites at a much smaller expense.

With its central data repository, templates and customizability, the CatalogStudio system makes it easier than ever to expand your audience with effective multichannel marketing. Questudio’s flexible solution allows for on-demand catalog publishing, rapid sales proposals and quotes and marketing reports keep our customers competitive. Benefits include:

  • Accurate information readily accessible to staff and customers
  • Efficient management of sales quotations an sales campaigns
  • Development in product segments
  • Rapid input, access, and maintenance of all product information that seamlessly integrates with other marketing materials
  • Flexibility in creating custom and template based print catalogs, web catalogs, & CD catalogs
  • Large reduction in overall publishing resource costs