Catalog Automation

Enterprise Product Catalog Automation helps distributors, manufacturers, and retailers streamline product marketing with accurate product information managed in a central database repository.

An effective catalog is one that is accurate, engaging, and current. With Questudio’s PIM, Publishing and Catalog Automation solution you’ll significantly decrease time-to-market output. The benefits of our single source repository include:

  • Rapid input, access and maintenance of all product information
  • Seamless integration with marketing materials
  • Flexibility in creating print catalogs, web catalogs and CD catalogs
  • Reduction in overall publishing resource costs and time

Product classification is a key aspect in product sales, unique to business needs and market segments. Questudio takes a semi-automated approach to structure product master data with a flexible taxonomy, organized via keywords and metadata, in order to publish your product’s catalog. We offer turnkey catalog content collection, editing, copy writing, and design/layout services. Our JumpStart Service helps us understand your needs and produce a catalog you will be proud of.

If you do not have an organized product catalog or if you are just getting started, Questudio can launch your catalog in less than 30 days with our Quick Launch. This package includes cogent, eye-catching web and print catalogs pre-loaded with products, readily distributable CD Catalogs, and an eCatalog with Page Turn.

Contact us today if you would like to get more information. We would be happy to discuss your design goals, and produce some pages and/or web design with your own products.