Online and Offline Product Information Management Solution

At the heart of Questudio’s central content repository concept is the CatalogStudio Product Information Management software which is a powerful tool to create, manage, and maintain all product information in one place. The software is available in both web and client-based modules as well as in SaaS options. The Product Information Management software is suitable for Entreprise and SMEs.

Features include:

  • Complex category hierarchy
  • Creation of buyer groups and management of specific pricing
  • Ability to store unlimited product information and assign attributes for any industry
  • Complete document management including images, CAD drawings, PDFs
  • Ability to create pivot and grouped tables for print and web catalogs
  • Management of complex relationships between parts and their accessories
  • Open Architecture SQL Database

Systems modules include:

  • Content management
  • PDFxPress catalog publisher, reporting
  • Workflow manager, publishing whiteboard
  • Import/export tools and security.


PDFxPress is a PDF publishing tool integrated into CatalogStudio to produce print catalogs using a template design. We can help you design templates based on your samples or new requirements so you can quickly generate hundreds of pages within minutes. This process reduces time by as much as 90% to produce print-ready catalogs.