Catalog Automation

Creating and publishing product catalogs normally requires extensive planning, content collection from various sources, defining a structure that serves multiple purposes and finally, designing and publishing the product catalogs. The product catalogs used by enterprises can be print, PDF or digital in format and each one requires a different approach.

The effort involved in creating these product catalogs, even it is once a year, can be often a daunting exercise. By the time the catalogs are published, the content has most likely changed and the updates can be even more of a painstaking effort. In many cases, the prices and other critical attributes change often and the catalogs need to be updated frequently. There is also a need to bring content from various sources such as company’s ERP system where the product content is maintained.

Questudio offers various software tools, processes and services to help automate the creation of product catalogs. Questudio’s central content repository concept is the CatalogStudio Product Information Management software which is a versatile tool to create, manage, and maintain all product information in one place.

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Catalog Automation for Print, PDF and Digital Catalogs.


  • Requirements Analysis and POC to validate solution
  • Catalog Automation Solutions for any industry type
  • “Rich” Content Management with flexible structures
  • Integration with ERP’s and other systems using API
  • Template-Driven PDF Catalogs or Adobe InDesign publishing
  • Turnkey Solutions including software, services and support


  • Automation of Catalogs saves time and reduces print cost
  • Easy to use Catalog Management tools
  • Efficiently generate 100’s of catalog pages
  • All “Rich” content in ONE central repository
  • Unlimited categories, specs, descriptions, images & prices
  • Up-to-date PDF, Print and Digital Catalogs


  • Proven methodology to define optimal solution
  • Product catalog structure definition
  • Content extraction from all available sources
  • Content loading into CatalogStudio Repository
  • Design and Publish PDF and InDesign catalogs
  • Delivery of Print-Ready and Digital catalogs