B2B Catalog Creation Software – An Overview

B2B customer needs are changing at a fast pace. They expect a highly efficient B2C-like experience when they make a purchase – whether they engage with retailer’s online, offline or on their mobiles. Thus the catalogs catering to the B2B customers need to evolve accordingly.

Questudio’s CatalogStudio is powerful software to create full line and specialty catalogs. It consists of several modules providing the features needed to create, manage and maintain all product information in one central repository. Its functionality also includes PDF catalog publishing and content management. One can create both print catalogs and web catalogs with equal ease.

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Magento Integrated Web Catalogs with Product Information Management

Web CatalogQuestudio is proud to announce that Magento Integration is now possible with its flagship Web Catalog Software “WebStudio”
A success story already runs in our client-tele with a successfully running online web catalog portal that has Magento & WebStudio Integrated. WebStudio pushes XML feeds to the Magento Website which in turn publishes the content to the website. Take advantage of the powerful features that Magento has to offer with the cutting edge content management system offered by Questudio. Push your products from your Inventory to the web using our online tools.

If you want a customized Magento Website with the power of Product Information Management (PIM), get in touch with our Sales Team at sales@tradingbell.com

Questudio’s Online Web Catalog Software WebStudio Integrated with WordPress

Online catalog software “WebStudio” craft fully delivers rich product content on the web. Questudio has successfully integrated WordPress with its Web Catalog Software “WebStudio” seamlessly though the former is an open source system and the later is a Windows based system.

It all started when an existing customer from Canada approached Questudio to help them redesign their existing website as well as integrate WebStudio in it. The customer’s requirement was that the static portion should be managed by WordPress and the dynamic portion should be driven by WebStudio. After a couple of rounds of discussion, Team Questudio carefully integrated both WordPress & WebStudio without any compromise.

For more details contact: sales@tradingbell.com