InStudio – Plugin Released for Adobe InDesign CC 2018 for both Mac and Windows

Questudio recently launched InStudio plugins for Adobe InDesign CC 2018 compatible for both Mac and Windows. Customers are requested to take advantage of this new release and upgrade their systems to the latest release of Adobe InDesign CC as needed. The power of Adobe InDesign and Questudio’s Product Information Management software is a winning combination for companies to plan their marketing strategies.

Questudio Signs up New Customer – Christy’s

North America’s largest manufacturer

Christy’s – North America’s largest manufacturers of adhesives, solvents and sealants becomes Questudio’s customer.

Christy’s chose Questudio to meet their requirements of a centralized PIM repository and automation of their catalog publishing. Using the Product Information Management tool will help them get their products to the market quicker, manage the products in the website better, and update information across all marketing channels faster.

CatalogStudio – Version Released on April 19, 2018

A new version of CatalogStudio – Questudio’s flagship web-based software was released on April 19, 2018.The new version includes features such as Clone Concept, Grid Resize option, Custom Apps, WebSync, Item# Configuration for the Enterprise customers, Import in Batch process, Import with and without hierarchy, Advanced Export and many other Ease of Use features. The overall performance has been optimized in this version.