Product Information Management Product Information Management Product Information Management
eCommerce Platform eCommerce Platform eCommerce Platform
Catalog Automation Catalog Automation Catalog Automation
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Multichannel Marketing Multichannel Marketing Multichannel Marketing
Integrated Systems Integrated Systems Integrated Systems

The legendary Product Information Management software CatalogStudio is now available in both Client and Web Versions. It also comes in a SaaS which customers can take advantage of. The features remain the same in both the versions. Now, access your data anytime from anywhere

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ecommerce web solutions

eCommerce Platform

  • Custom or designed Web templates to match your brand
  • Promotion management tools supporting your multi-channel planning, scheduling and publishing
  • Natural language search with EasyAsk search engine integration
  • Quick and relevant search results leading to conversions
  • Enrich the end user experience
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Catalog Automation

Catalog Automation

  • Complex Category Hierarchy
  • Effective storing, retrieving and navigation with no limitations
  • Create buyer groups and manage specific pricing
  • Store product information and assign attributes for any industry
  • Store unlimited descriptions
  • Complete document management including images, CAD drawings, PDFs, multi-media files, and many more
  • Create pivot and grouped tables for print and web catalogs
  • Open Architecture SQL Database provides seamless integration with legacy systems
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Product information management

Print | PDF Publishing

  • Drag & drop data from the central CatalogStudio database to the InDesign pages
  • Automatically control and apply fonts, colors, styles to the data, which saves time and effort
  • Empower fast and reliable creation of complex documents
  • Create regular and complex pivot tables, and apply styles to tables as defined
  • Contain optional template-based page creation to generate hundreds of pages promptly
  • Update any information with latest data from your CatalogStudio database with the click of a button
  • Create custom catalogs, smaller catalogs, and flyers without changing the structure of the data
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Multichannel Marketing

Multichannel Marketing

  • Customizable dashboard to track frequently viewed products, sales metrics and calendar
  • Selectable products in a hierarchy along with all details
  • Run email campaigns using the built-in email blaster
  • Import and manage contacts from CRM systems into MarketStudio
  • Generate on-demand catalogs, product spec sheets and sales quotes
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Integrated Systems

Integrated Systems

  • Streamline the sales process
  • Leads data is integrated into existing ERP and CRM models
  • Customer details can be categorized and readily available
  • Facilitate the flow of accurate information between internal business functions to external recipients
  • Reduce expenses and risks by integrating multiple processes into a single system
  • Content is no longer in silos and it becomes visible across the organization for better decision making
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